Hackathon Vaudoise 2018: Client satisfaction through data mining – Itecor a perfect fit

Hackathon Vaudoise 2018: Client satisfaction through data mining – Itecor a perfect fit

3 October 2018

Conquering the world of data by innovation! Antoine Maison, Data analyst expert at Itecor, will mentor one of the teams at Hackathon Vaudoise 2018 in creating innovative IT solutions based on customer data.

The Vaudois Insurances hackathon will take place from 9 to 11 October in Lausanne, near the EPFL Campus. 

The hacking teams composed of external mentors, Vaudoise specialists and students will demonstrate their technical capabilities tackling with data. By putting together their knowledge, experience and creativity, the teams will transform data into new business ideas and innovative application project to improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

During the first two days the participants will have the chance to work actively on their projects, with the help of external mentors, such as Antoine Maison: 

  The Hackathon Vaudoise 2018 will be the opportunity to express the creativity of a team with various backgrounds and make the convergence between insurance professionals, data scientist experts and students. The challenge will be to facilitate emergence of innovative data-driven solutions in only two days, thus to help Vaudoise be ahead on a sector undergoing profound changes: insurance.”

The morning of October 11th will be devoted to a pitching session in front of a jury and the other participants. The teams will compete to win one of two prizes at stake during this hackathon – public prize and jury prize. 

Itecor is happy to be a part of this event shaped by innovation and knowledge sharing and Vaudoise’s initiative to integrate technological and digital innovations within its structure.