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Project success starts from the beginning. You know your industry perfectly and need a partner capable of rapidly
understanding your context. By capitalizing on our industry experience, we offer you solutions proven in your
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  • Banking & Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Public Sector
  • Industry
  • Technology, telecommunications
  • Health
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Banking & Insurance

An evolving world

An evolving world

Faced with changing regulations and the digital revolution, the insurance and banking sectors are undergoing important changes.

We have our clients’ confidence thanks to our understanding of their specific challenges. Our banking and insurance credentials include: Management of the UAT Test campaign for the implementation of a banking software solution; IT audit and service management process implementation; security project management for a major private bank; testing service provider for several banking and insurance companies; Big Data specialist consultancy for financial challenges.

Banking & Insurance - Client Case Studies

Consumer Goods

Extended competences

Extended competences

More than 20 years experience for Consumer Goods PME or multinationals

Our experience gathers different domains such as  food industry, luxury Watch industry, major retail, consumer goods online sale, etc. Our strong knowledge of the challenges in different business processes such as CRM, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance with the particularities of each domain allows us to propose a pragmatic approach. Due to the large number of clients we have and our 20 years experience in these activities, our clients trust us on all our services

Consumer Goods - Client Case Studies

Public Sector

A strong long-term commitment

A strong long-term commitment

Administration and public sector companies must be able to rapidly meet legal requirements, under an ever-increasing economic pressure

More than 50 administrations and public companies are now trusting us following our strong commitment. This particular relationship set over the years has allowed us to build a bundle of experienced practices and accelerators specially dedicated to public sector activities and their inherent constraints. For instance, our test and quality assurance implementation know-how has been successfully deployed in several administrations and is now considered as a standard by professionals.

Project Management, with all the specificities linked to change management in a public environment, is also a strong value that we can bring to the market.

Public Sector - Client Case Studies


Supporting industrial performance

Supporting industrial performance

Due to productivity improvement, change rate of part or of total company business model, the industrial world is undergoing change

Our clients are mostly world leaders in this industry sector, either chemicals, flavors and perfumes, machinery, tobacco, etc . Their permanent concern to stay on the cutting edge of technology allows us to collaborate on innovating projects with high added value such as security and big data. Predictive maintenance, design and implementation of massive non structured data management, sentiment analysis when launching a product are all examples of the quality of our relations.

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Technology & Telecommunication

Managing data, a major challenge today

Managing data, a major challenge today

Data volumes are exploding. The technologies to manage and exploit big data have become critical.

Leading telephone operators, Research and Development centers in great multinationals of different sectors, and start up companies wishing to get hold of up-to-date innovations trust us for engagements with pure technological and innovating features. For example, simultaneous access simulations of thousands competitive users on infrastructures and softwares for interactive tv shows have been realized successfully.

Investment in Big Data domain for more than 5 years allows us today to propose the best solutions in terms of innovation, high added value and rapidly usable solutions such as the deployment of predictive maintenance management system for all network elements of a mobile telephone operator.

Technology & Telecommunication - Client Case Studies


Time of digitalisation

Time of digitalisation

The relationship between patient and health world is evolving ; simultaneously, the hospital world is subject to high budget pressure and its IT system must be adapted

The health environment is since long a sector sensitive to quality and performance of its IT systems, some of them even ultra critical because dealing with human lives. This sector of activity has naturally been interested in benefit from our competences in testing and IT security. For 2 years, in close collaboration with Imakumo, we have also been able to implement «unique request portal » solutions, based on technology. This approach enables hospital staff to submit requests of all type – medical, maintenance or personal – to a unique portal, leading to significant savings.


Big Bang

Big Bang

The most revolutionized activity sector is the services sector, commonly referred to as uberisation of economy or services digitalisation

In the field of financial services, services to individuals or change in the IT services consumption modes thanks to cloud computing, the sector of activity is being shaken by two technological revolutions : the pervasive consumption via Smartphones and diversity and efficiency of cloud computing technologies. In addition, some sectors such as finance, are subject to new regulations rules. Both our tools technological expertise and our solutions management enable us to work closely to our clients to design architectures, implement technologies and manage solutions in a as a service mode.

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