IQ Day 2018 Keynote Speakers

IQ Day 2018 Keynote Speakers

15 August 2018

We are pleased to announce the keynote speakers at this years’ Itecor’s corporate event, IQ Day: Dr. Tawfik Jelassi and Solange Ghernaouti.

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi is Professor of Strategy and Technology Management at IMD (Lausanne). He holds a PhD in Information Systems from the Stern School of Business at New York University (USA) and graduate and post-graduate degrees from the University of Paris-Dauphine (France).

At the IQ Day, Dr. Jelassi will speak about how to leverage the opportunities and neutralize the threats resulting from digital disruption.

Corporate leaders and executives have been struggling to effectively address the business challenges and organizational issues induced by an increasingly digital and inter-connected environment. This presentation will shed some light on the following issues: How to leverage the opportunities and neutralize the threats resulting from digital disruption? How can companies capitalize on digital capabilities and innovative business models for value creation and business transformation? How to use technology to transform the corporation from a rigid, industrial and product-centric entity into an agile, innovative and customer-centric organization? How to move from operating an internal value chain to managing a value network that leverages the power of digital ecosystems and platforms? What type of leadership is required for a successful digital business transformation?

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi served as Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Information & Communication Technologies in Tunisia. He was granted several international excellence awards for his teaching and research, and the President of Tunisia awarded him two national decorations.

The closing speech of the day will be given by Solange Ghernaouti. Solange Ghernaouti is director of the Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory and Research Group, professor of the University of Lausanne, Associate Fellow, Geneva Center for Security Policy. She is an internationally recognized expert on digital risk management, cybersecurity, cyber defense and cybercrime related issues.

She will talk about The impact of AI on cybersecurity.

A strategic issue for all, the governance of cyber risks requires a real mastery of cybersecurity to protect and defend the values dependent on information technologies and exposed by the digital transformation of our society. As a risk factor and security lever, the challenges of artificial intelligence and its impact on cybersecurity are analyzed with regard to the needs and requirements of safety and security related issues.

Solange Ghernaouti holds a PhD in Computer Science and Telecommunication (Paris – Sorbonne University) and she’s a former auditor of the French Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defense. She has authored more than 300 publications and more than thirty books including “Cyberpower: Crime, Conflict and Security in Cyberspace” Prof. Ghernaouti is Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, member of the Swiss commission for UNESCO and has been recognized by the Swiss press as one of the outstanding women in professional and academic circles. Solange Ghernaouti is a founding partner of the firm HEPTAGONE Digital Risk Management & Security. She is president of the Foundation SGH (Social Good for Humanity) – Institut de recherche Cybermonde.

We are very excited for having Dr. Tawfik Jelassi and Solange Ghernaouti at our event and learn from their expertise and experience!

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The IQ Day will take place on August 31st at the Best Western Hotel in Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland. The presentations will be followed by a fun summer gathering in the evening, where Itecor consultants can enjoy BBQ with their peers and family.