Meet-up on “Predictive Maintenance”

Meet-up on “Predictive Maintenance”

20 September 2017

Maintaining assets is a tedious and costly operation. Thanks to new technologies, availability of various sources of data and machine learning, we are now able to predict failures and state of health of assets. Predictive Maintenance is the topic of the next meet-up organized by the Swiss Association for Analytics (SAA).

Predictive Maintenance is a hot topic in today’s market and many companies are wondering how to start tackling such issues. This event is a great way to learn how predictive maintenance can help you overcome the challenges in your business, before they occur.

As a president of the Swiss Association for Analytics, Itecor’s very own Big Data expert Amine Mansour is co-organizing the event.

If people want to understand what lies behind the trendy topics of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, predictive maintenance is the perfect applied example.”

The main objective of the association is to spread the word about analytics and show the added value of data-driven decision making to Swiss companies by allowing analytics practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences. The meet-up is sponsored by our business partner HPE and will take place on the 27th of September in Lausanne.