Paul Barnabé is the new Security Service Line Leader at Itecor

Paul Barnabé is the new Security Service Line Leader at Itecor

7 July 2017

We are pleased to announce that Paul Barnabé, the Head of Market for the Swiss romande region, is the new Security Service Line Leader for Itecor. He will be replacing Thomas Punz, who left the company to live abroad.

Paul welcomes the challenge and responsibility to lead, in his words, our great team of Security experts.

I’m really happy to take on the Security Service Line Leading role at Itecor, and more specifically to continue working with the great team of experts that we have. Since 2010, I had the pleasure to be a Consultant, Engagement Manager, Head of Market, and now the Security Service Line Leader, that I participated in building”, says Paul.

His professional success combined with his excellent understanding of the market, makes Paul the ideal candidate for this role of Leader of our Security Service Line.

“I’ve been working in the IS Architecture domain for a long time now. This is my passion. For the last 5 years, I’ve participated in the construction of the Itecor Security Service line, especially on the Identity & Access Management (IAM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Data Privacy Protection (covering DPA, GDPR, LPD and Privacy Shield regulations as example) domains”.

During these 7 years in Itecor, Paul has continuously contributed in the company with his leadership and expertise, and shown immense capability to answer efficiently and proactively to all needs, and with the right approach.

I’ve always considered that the only way to be efficient in helping and serving our clients is to know exactly what you are talking about, especially in IT. Therefore, I’ve always allocated time in order to continue to be trained in and to practice new IT areas, or to improve current ones”, he explains.

Paul will continue to operate as Head of Market for the region, while taking on the new role as Security Service Line Leader.

I’m really happy to be able to fulfill these roles in the company. For me, this is like closing the circle. I can take care of my clients, lead our Security, and thus directly connect Demand to Expertise, with the right approach”, concludes Paul.

We wish him every success in this new challenge.