Robert Powell is the new A&D Service Line Leader at Itecor

Robert Powell is the new A&D Service Line Leader at Itecor

5 July 2019

We are pleased to announce that Robert Powell has been promoted to Manager and appointed as Architecture & Development Service Line Leader at Itecor!

Robert will be taking over the role from Lori Petrucci, who we deeply thank for building this service line in what it is today.

“This promotion is a great opportunity to continue to build on the foundation that was built by Lori. The landscape of A&D is continuing to evolve. It is and always will be a great challenge to keep pace with this evolution to continue to allow us to be competitive. I look forward to supporting the Architecture and Development community’s growth to meet these new challenges.”

Robert has over 20 years of experience in Architecture, Development and Agile project management in US and Switzerland. In his time at Itecor, he showed tremendous dedication and a great sense of leadership and we believe will continue doing so.

“I have witnessed Itecor’s evolution over the past years, adapting to market forces and trends. This is a sign of a company with solid insight and an intense determination. It makes me proud to work for an organization with these qualities.”

Congratulations to Robert! We believe that he will be truly successful in his new role.