The three “I”s that will transform Application Delivery Management

The three “I”s that will transform  Application Delivery Management

17 May 2019

Application development teams need solutions enabling them to deliver modern applications faster while maintaining quality, reliability, and security. The Application delivery management (ADM) portfolio of Micro Focus helps accelerate delivery, and ensure quality and security at every stage of the application lifecycle.

As partners, during the annual conference “Micro Focus Universe” held in Vienna, we had the chance to hear about the latest product updates, innovation and strategies, attend hands-on workshops and learn best practices for overcoming real challenges and solving practical problems.

Micro Focus ADM team continuously innovate and work in adapting the solutions to respond to market shifts and the needs of our clients’ application delivery teams, lately with investing in the following areas:

  1. Intelligence– How could they help automate tasks that today are either manual or are not robust enough? Leverage AI to drive more automation of manual repetitive tasks: Intelligence in Automation, Increase Automation rate, Approaching Robotic Process Automation market.


  1. Integration– How could they integrate the toolchains in a way that will make sense, that will remove the friction and simplify the end-to-end process? Micro Focus aims to solve the integration problem of disconnected “islands of tools”, lack of work coordination across teams and maintenance cost and complexity by investing in out of the box integration.


  1. Insights– Give the ability to run analytics on systems used by customers (Test / Defect Management, SCM, Project Management, ServiceDesk, etc.) and provide insights to accelerate the end to end toolchain and application delivery.


As part of the commitment to help our customers overcome their challenges and stay ahead of the competition, we make sure to always be up to date with market trends and vendor solutions.

For more information about what’s new in the Micro Focus ADM portfolio please get in touch with us.