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migration and automation of a Selenium test suite to Tosca

Didier Nizard, Head of Itecor Paris · April 08, 2024



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Our client is a French company producing haute couture, as well as ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes and various luxury products.

Historically, it had a tool for executing automated tests of its web applications based on the Selenium Framework, using the Python language.
Given the degraded performance of this environment and its lack of maintainability, Itecor was asked to migrate all of its testing assets to an automated Low Code – No Code solution.

In 2022, Itecor first carried out a POC of the Tosca solution from the publisher Tricentis: the aim was to compare and measure the added value of this tool compared with the original Framework. The demonstration confirmed the obvious benefits of a complete migration of automated tests to Tosca.

In 2023, Itecor successfully migrated the entire catalogue of 14,000 Selenium test cases to the Tosca V2023.2 solution over a period of 8 months.

In particular, Itecor set up the configuration of the architecture required to use Tosca, as well as its integration into the Azure infrastructure, thanks to the implementation of Azure DevOps pipelines.

Finally, Itecor supported all in-house teams in mastering the new solution, providing appropriate training.


Analysis of the existing system, optimisation of test cases, division of the project into sprints, Agile methodology.

Setting up the Tosca test infrastructure.

Automation of Selenium test cases to Tosca across 50 regions.

Ongoing demonstration to the customer of the progress of the migration, in line with the state of the art.

Autonomous appropriation of the solution by the client, thanks to Itecor coaching and knowledge transfer to internal QA.

Global Itecor service successfully audited by the Client and Tricentis.

benefits & results

test cases carried out
Test design and maintenance time divided by 3
time required for designing and maintaining tests has been reduced by threefold

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