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securing digital frontiers: cybersecurity for a large-scale digital transformation

Helen Bally, Head of Quality Assurance & Testing · mars 13, 2024



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A digital transformation project was undertaken by one of our clients recently, where Itecor was the selected partner for Quality Assurance. Recognising the potential security risks inherent in this shift, the client agreed to an assessment of the newly developed applications for vulnerabilities.


The team selected Qualys, a widely recognised application security testing solution, to assess the applications for vulnerabilities following the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines.

The tool was able to scan the applications, pinpointing vulnerabilities in the design, implementation, and deployment. The vulnerabilities were then categorised based on the OWASP Top Ten, highlighting the most critical web application security risks.

benefits & results

The findings ranged from common issues like access control to more complex security concerns such as weak design. The team could then assess the potential impact on the organisation and collaborate with the company’s IT and development teams to devise a strategy for addressing the vulnerabilities.

The recommendations included a holistic approach that encompassed process improvements, employee training, and ongoing monitoring. This approach ensured that cybersecurity became an integral part of the digital transformation journey.

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