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azure digital transformation for a factory quality management product, inter-market supply (IMS)

Isela Acevedo, consultant at Itecor Barcelona · January 10, 2024

Our consultant Isela Acevedo from Itecor Barcelona answers a few questions about the project to deploy a tool for managing the quality of food products.


Azure Digital Transformation for a Factory Quality Management Product, Inter-Market Supply (IMS).

end users

End users are involved in the final agreement about the finished product that’s been traded between a receiving and a producing company for our Client in the Food Industry.

success catalysts

This Product is key in the Factory Quality Management because it’s a link between materials, shipment data, documentation and approval process. Ensuring that a product can be imported and sold in a market meeting all quality, supply chain, marketing and regulatory requirements agreed between IMS partners, before mass production of a product can get started.

expected benefits & results

Unlike other solutions, the Product supports a mandatory Corporate Compliance Process, described in a Standard Operating Procedure being audited in a yearly basis. My Product addresses Quality and Compliance assurance, keeping regulatory information related to our client’s products and brands. It is linked to a Power BI dashboard helping even further end users to manage their IMS Product in an efficient way.

can you tell more about the context of this project?

20 years ago, Itecor developed a custom development software serving as a repository for the finished and semi-finished product specifications, defining the product’s goals, attributes, and overall strategic direction.

The project is related with a Corporate Compliance Process, as it outlines requirements and key product information used by the markets and product teams to facilitate the structure, the management and the validation process.

Currently we are working on the innovation/renovation process of this solution, by implementing Digital Transformation into Azure Cloud Services with the latest IT technology. Keeping a robust validation process and well-defined workflows, giving accuracy and integrity to the Corporate Compliance Process.

what is your role in this project?

I have been enrolled in the solution’s innovation/renovation process as an IT Project Manager, leading the end to end Azure Cloud implementation activities including testing, release, deployment and end user training strategies.

in your opinion, what are the 3 greatest challenges of the project? and why?

1. Data Migration

To migrate and clean existing data: We need to transform the current data not only for data cleansing purposes but also to adapt it into a new data model passing from different DB Managers (Oracle to SQL MI – SQL Server). Rewrite DB structures and adapt/transform the existing data.

2. Dedicated Technology

Even though this solution is a key player of the Factory Quality Management and Product Compliance group, it was not part of the primary shared technology. After the Digital Transformation It has been decided to integrate the solution into the Quality Management Azure Cloud Resource Group. The configuration has required the involvement of many different IT teams across our client’s company: DB Oracle, IT Platforms, DB SQL, Infrastructure, Offshore development, Architecture. IAM.
This has been the greatest challenge.

3. Robust system with strong conditions that are hard to be renovated.

what value does Itecor specifically bring to this project?

Identification of critical points and its affection/impact in the future, raising red flags. Normally it’s hard to have investment and budget for transforming and old technology, sometimes the solution owners are looking more for decommissioning. However, when the business and markets expressed their support for this tool, someone needed to raise the red flags and the hand like saying, hey let’s do something here, let’s do something there. Honestly it was a challenge, the other teams were trying to escape from their responsibilities and Itecor took it with a deep understanding of painful situations and at the same time with a strong knowledge of the whole solution functionality keeping the end user needs as a priority.

how are you managing this project as a female consultant? how does it make a difference?

Yes, and No.

No because we as Itecor team provide the same quality in the service and it is a solution that has been in the hands of a lot of valuable consultants in our company (male and female) over the years: Julien, Erdogan, Sabine, Analuisa, Isel.

The key to have been present along all this time is that the quality of the services provided by any of us is extremely high.
We keep a strong commitment and a professional empathy with the different project entities: business, solution owners, end users.

And Yes because I do my work with passion and loyalty. I feel like this is a great combination; on one side I look always forward to provide a quality service putting me in the shoes of the end user, telling the facts even if it’s difficult to tell bad news.

I’m very transparent and factual so I don’t hide the wrong things, but I’m proactive at the same time. Then by telling the facts I also provide solutions and action plans, taking care of the integrity of the tool but at the same time I have a strong loyalty to my company; with ethic to the customer, with empathy with the end users, with a supportive and collaborative spirit among business partners, with togetherness among different teams.

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