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32 years of experience

The first Itecor office was based in France, and it was in 2003 that we decided to set up our headquarters in Switzerland. Most of the current management team joined Itecor at that time. Our first activities were centred on implementing master plans and corporate reference systems for major industrial accounts and public administrations. From Switzerland to Mexico, via France, Spain and Macedonia, the services we offer have been refined. We are pleased to have become the exclusive consultancy for information systems and the digitalisation of organisations. Today, we are more than 200 employees, all driven by the same ambition of excellence. After more than 30 years of exciting adventures, a new era is taking shape: to compete with the biggest in the market in terms of the added value we bring to our clients and the consultant's experience within Itecor.

independent & long-lasting

Itecor is owned by its management. This financial and operational independence, combined with a reinvestment policy, guarantees the company’s evolution, stability, and sustainability. We are committed to the long term, both in terms of company strategy and operations and in our relationships with customers and employees.

Stéphan Grouitch


Blaise Guignard

Head of Business Development

Cécile Vermeil

Head of Human Resources, Communications & PR

Olivier Hayard

Head of Knowledge Management

André Conus

Head of Finance

Alain Geerts

Head of Governance & Service Management

Yuval Keren

Head of Digital Solutions & Skopje Office

Helen Bally

Head of Quality Assurance & Testing

Paul Barnabé

Head of Swiss Romande Region

Lori Petrucci

Head of Operations Swiss Romande Region

Paul van den Berg

Head of Swiss-German Region ad interim

Didier Nizard

Head of Paris Office

Habib Lopez

Head of Barcelona Office & Corporate Social Responsibility

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April 08, 2024

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