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hyper-automation in the world of finance

digital solutions

April 08, 2024

automated testing as part of modern software development

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April 08, 2024

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that continuously evolves with changes, requiting the organisation to adopt new mindsets. The organisation must realise that it is a significant change in the way they do business.

We provide services that help your organisation to digitally transform and generate added-value for the business. We work with you in advising, designing, and delivering innovative technologies.

If you have needs with project management, business analysis, solution design&development, DevOps, cloud, robotic process automation and business application management, get in touch with us to learn more on how we could assist you.

At Itecor, we are continuously researching market trends and emerging digital solutions, training our people to be up to date. We are committed to being your trusted advisor on all things digital.

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We have been working with some of our customers for nearly 30 years, maintaining long-term business relationships, most of them for more than 10 years. As a sign of trust, our clients allow us to associate their logo with Itecor and we thank them for this. For confidentiality and compliance reasons, this list is not exhaustive.

solution design and development

In an innovation driven world, we pride ourselves in being able to meet your challenges.

Assisted by our experts, we can develop tailor-made solutions which incorporate cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies along with DevOps and Cloud solutions to accelerate the speed-to-delivery to meet your business needs, adapt to changes required by your customers and lower the cost of Development, deployment and operations.

For more than two decades, we have been harnessing digital technologies for the benefit of our customers, across the variety of industries and technologies.

project management

Project management services focus on planning, organising and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints.

We work with clients in full transparency and ensure productive collaborations by applying our expertise gained in many projects.  Throughout the lifespan of a project, we aim to achieve the objectives outlined in the project charter or other project initiation document.

By leveraging process, discipline, and leadership of our PM experts, functional silos are broken down, audiences are engaged, and initiatives are completed on time, within budget, and according to scope.

business analysis

The practice of Business Analysis deals with the process of enabling change in an organisation as well as the identification of needs and the recommendation of solutions that are of value to stakeholders.

Our Business Analysts analyse the business problems and opportunities outlined in the requirements and recommend solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals. We collaborate with business and end-users to understand business needs and by modelling, abstracting, and simplifying complex concepts we make them readily understandable for a variety of stakeholders.

Our methodology comprises eliciting requirements into the use case model, use case narrative, and user story.

Since every business is unique, we carefully examine the details of our clients’ ideas in order to better serve them.

solution integration

Companies need to overcome complex solution integration challenges, both internally and externally, in order to leverage the power of new technologies.

Solution Integration involves integrating exist­ing, sometimes disparate systems into a cohesive whole “that focuses on adding value to the customer” (for example, by enhancing product quality and performance) and at the same time benefiting the company as a whole (by reducing operational costs).

Typically, we help our customers to implement an Identity Access Management (IAM) solution, enabling IT granting access to the right enterprise assets to the right users in the right context.

We also guide our customers integrating enterprise information production processes with a central enterprise content management platform (ECM), therefore improving information access, bridging isolated process silos, and ensuring that appropriate governance is applied, no matter how information is created.

Many companies are now adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the goals of accelerating integration between systems, improving employee productivity and making processes more efficient. We are helping our customers to identify the use-cases for automation and implement software robots to replace rule-based repetitive work.

business application management

Information technology landscapes are more complex today than ever, and the cost to maintain them keeps growing.

Our Business Application Management service provides ongoing support for our customers with a strong and stable Itecor nearshore team, Europe-based, which specializes in resolving application related issues, maintaining and monitoring.

With the ambition of excellence, we deliver best-in-class service, with agility, quality and technology recommendation capabilities.

Leveraging this service, enables our clients to improve internal efficiency, increase user-satisfaction and free internal IT team members to focus on moving forward instead of constantly returning to existing – or outgoing – technology.

hyper-automation in the world of finance

automated testing as part of modern software development

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