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boost your service management: join us at the annual itSMF day 2024

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February 12, 2024

lean six sigma : plus qu’une démarche, une philosophie

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October 03, 2023

Digital technologies now support every process, every department, every company, and every organisation.

Organisations, small and large, face the challenge of reaping the benefits of technology, such as mobility and digitalisation while ensuring their compliance, security, and performance. This requires strong capabilities in IT governance and service management.

We help you meet these challenges. Typically, our customers consult us to define their digital strategy, to improve their processes and to achieve their objectives. With success.

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they trust us

We have been working with some of our customers for nearly 30 years, maintaining long-term business relationships, most of them for more than 10 years. As a sign of trust, our clients allow us to associate their logo with Itecor and we thank them for this. For confidentiality and compliance reasons, this list is not exhaustive.

digital strategy & organisation

The days of business-IT alignment are already gone. Digital is now at the heart of business. The challenge for the IT management team is to become a proactive player in the digitalisation of the entire company and a strategic partner in this transformation.

What strategy to adopt? Are your architecture and IT assets aligned with it? How can you establish or re-establish the governance of your digitization?

We have developed methods to guide you in your digital transformation. Our consultants help you to sharpen the “what”, “why” and “how” of this evolution.

risks, compliance & audit

Your IT is now inseparable from your business processes and is a critical factor for your business performance – and survival.

Can you give your management, your internal control, clients or regulators the reasonable assurance that your risks are managed? Can you demonstrate that the controls you have put in place to mitigate them are adequate, operational, and aligned with the requirements?

We evaluate your IT organization, practices, and controls. We help you with their continuous improvement. We support you in setting up the management and traceability of your controls. And top it off with an ISAE3402 report!

data protection

Information protection is critical and must be managed. Our favourite playgrounds are ISO 27001, Identity Access Management, and Data Masking.

Data Privacy is more than just compliance. To conform to regulations such as Act on Data Protection and GDPR, you must ensure that privacy is embedded in all your business processes and IT solutions. We propose to work on your data privacy maturity to design and implement the controls you need.

If your organization is not yet ready for this transition, you may be interested in our ‘Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service’ offer.

portfolio & project practice

Investing in your most valuable projects is an economic and strategic necessity. We help you to develop your portfolio management practices, and to make every project a success, by ensuring that they bring the desired value.

If your project management processes are not yet mature enough, we help you to define the best practices that suit you pragmatically, and if necessary, to train your project managers.

service management

Mobility, digital services, and ever-increasing business expectations reinforce the need to manage your IT services.

Build a service catalog that enhances the value you provide to your customers and engage them in the co-creation of value.

Reinforce your image as an IT service provider, not as a cost center, and achieve better alignment with business needs.

Develop your ability to deliver better quality services with fewer resources and, above all, position yourself as a proactive player in the digitalization of your entire business.

Define processes that are appropriate for the size and culture of your organization. Manage change to ensure continuous improvement.

In addition, we will be happy to provide your teams with ITIL certifying training.

boost your service management: join us at the annual itSMF day 2024

lean six sigma : plus qu’une démarche, une philosophie

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