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our mission

As a trusted advisor, we bring our customers' visions to life through digital transformation. We are specialised in Governance & Service Management, Digital Solutions, and Quality Assurance & Testing. Close to our clients, delivering high-value services, embodying applied innovation, and empowering people: this is the core of who we are.

our vision

Our 2027 vision is the cornerstone of our strategy. It reflects our ambition, our values and the journey that we take together with all our stakeholders

trusted advisor
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our values

Itecor's values define the fundamental principles that govern our approach to our work, the conditions for collaboration and the quality of our relationships with our clients and colleagues. They are part of our day-to-day work, our decision-making and our overall responsibility.

The value of listening is fundamental to relationships with clients. It involves active listening, structuring needs and coming up with a solution with the client.
Creativity is a skill we nurture as an organisation to generate the best possible solutions. We adopt an open and innovative approach, question habits, and explore new scenarios.
Authenticity is linked to the ability to question our own position and actions, both in our relationships with clients, and when carrying out our work. Our colleagues demonstrate this primarily through transparency and integrity.
Responding to challenges faced by our clients, particularly in the event of a crisis or emergency. Suggesting appropriate alternatives. Identifying risks and take them. Standing up for our convictions and think differently. Speaking up. These are examples of how our teams show courage.
For us, the value of respect exists in all aspects of life. We demonstrate respect by being open to differences and diversity and by giving everyone the attention they deserve.

our business approach

Itecor is committed to driving organisational growth and enhancing performance through innovation. We aim to surpass client expectations by fostering trusted partnerships and achieving strategic goals.

Our diverse portfolio showcases the success of our engagements, demonstrating that our business approach is the foundation of our success, as evidenced by the breadth of our engagements, our clients’ trust, and our longevity.

Incorporating our values into our business approach has always been essential, guiding our steps even before it was formally recognised, with a strong emphasis on ethics and respect for people. While profitability relies on sound management, employee commitment, and market demand, it is our ethical approach and commitment to transparency and responsibility that define our interactions and maintain trust with our stakeholders.

knowledge management

Itecor’s ‘Knowledge as a Service’ ethos is crucial for delivering value and effective solutions to our clients, with our experts channelling deep knowledge and know-how into your projects. Our long-standing dedication to knowledge management ensures our team possesses cutting-edge skills and insights. Our consultants, vital to our ecosystem, draw from a deep well of expertise supported by a community that values continuous learning and innovation.

Our support framework, including Account Managers, Engagement Managers, and Heads of Operations, creates a dynamic environment that underpins client satisfaction and keeps our team engaged and proactive. We’re committed to innovation, keeping a vigilant eye on tech trends and engaging in continuous dialogue with partners to ensure our services remain at the forefront of market-relevant innovation, solidifying our applied innovation leadership.

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