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quality assurance & testing

quality assurance & testing for a luxury watch brand’s digital transformation programme

Paul Barnabé, Head of Swiss Romande Region · March 21, 2023



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Our client, who is known as one of the most prestigious global watch brands, initiated a wide-reaching digital transformation programme. This ambitious programme included a total revamp of their digital presence. This meant creation of a new website as well as implementation of an eCommerce site. The back-office processes were streamlined which of course impacted their ERP system. Furthermore, they implemented new business solutions to manage their product information and digital assets.

The programme was structured in several Agile streams with multiple providers and agencies selected to collaborate on the implementation. Luxury branding translates to high quality expectations. Recognizing that the multiple subprojects and actors could generate issues, the programme sponsors wanted a global approach to quality. As a recognized actor in Quality Assurance & Testing for 25 years, they selected Itecor to take the lead for quality on the programme.


QA function – defined and sponsored at programme level

The implementation of a Quality Assurance Function that acted across all streams was important to ensure that everyone was applying the same best practices.

The objectives of this QA Function were to avoid the typical issues that affect such a large and diverse programme. In our experience these include:

Accountability for overall quality not defined

Often there is no single individual ensuring that the solution is fit for purpose. And if there is, they may have no empowerment to ensure that the QA processes and organisation can deliver.

Scope not always delivered with quality

Even if features are delivered they do not always meet the desired quality level (which includes functionality, performance, consistence and usability).

Clear metrics and KPIs

There is often little standardisation across delivery teams, meaning that consistent reporting is impossible.

Problem anticipation

With poor visibility of upcoming issues, this can lead to a reactive culture and last-minute identification of delivery failures.

No global test approach in place

Each agency using their own quality assurance processes.

The QA Function for this programme was headed by a Senior Test Manager from Itecor. Organisationally, they acted on behalf of delivery management and had a strong sponsorship of the business stakeholders. The responsibilities included:

testing activities – delivered in hybrid model

A key success factor for the programme was the implementation of a hybrid delivery model for testing which offered additional capacity at an optimised cost.

In addition to our Test Manager and Test Coordinators, the programme team was extended to benefit from the Itecor nearshore Testing team. Their focus was on delivering.me

benefits & results

Implementation of a global Quality Assurance function with the right organisational support was a key success factor on this programme with multiple agents and sub-projects. The testing practices defined by this QA Function secured the global delivery by staying in control of all the quality aspects.

We applied Shift Left principles throughout the programme, allowing us to perform testing activities earlier in the software development lifecycle and hence uncover quality issues as soon as possible. Through integration of our nearshore testers in the Agile sprints we improved communication and turnaround time. Finally, a One-Team spirit combined with deep expertise in testing ensured the successful Go-Live of the programme.

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