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challenges and benefits related to the implementation of a metrology service centre

Didier Nizard, Itecor Paris · June 13, 2022



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In 2007, Itecor Paris began offering its services in the field of Metrology, to the production department of a leading French financial institution. Since 2015, these services have been greatly diversified and are now provided via an outsourced Service Centre.

We offer user feedback on the benefits of this organisation.


Itecor operates on a fixed-price basis for its Client, outsourced in its Parisian premises, and, occasionally, on-site.

To guarantee the client’s high-security requirements, Itecor has dedicated secure premises for Metrology Service Centre activity based on the market’s most demanding standards. Thus, the Itecor premises are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and secured by keys and personal badges. In addition, a specific network dedicated to the MSC was created, independent of the Itecor network.
Workstations without operating systems, with bootable USB keys, on which no client data can be copied, and VPN access with strong authentication, have been dedicated to the client.

In terms of Delivery, the outsourced Itecor Service Centre mainly ensures the following for its Client:

  • Carrying out performance testing campaigns
  • Administration of performance testing tools: ALM Performance Center, NeoLoad, Sysload, Dynatrace, BSM
  • Administration and integration of automated testing platforms: Jenkins, Cypress, Tosca
  • Writing and publishing simple and complex studies: impact studies, Proof of Context on new technologies
  • Internal promotion and communication to the whole Group about the services offered by the Metrology entity through videos, materials, demonstrations, wikis and conferences
  • Facilitation of agile ceremonies and support for business teams in the field of testing via tailor-made and accredited “Expert Training” coaching and training activities.

benefits & results

The testing services are provided and contracted on a fixed price basis as part of a 4-year contract. This organisation provides the client with the following benefits:

performance campaigns carried out on 40 different projects in 2021
annual studies (100% achievement of quality indicators)
demo-training sessions dedicated to automated testing and continuous integration

On the strength of these results, Itecor reinforces its role as a trusted advisor and proposes new innovative service offers that meet the strategic expectations of its client and the financial sector.

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