why ethics boost performance


April 08, 2024

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February 27, 2024

Our people matter. We set high standards, we support and encourage your professional and personal development in providing you with the resources to help you grow.
When you join Itecor, you will rise to the challenge of working on projects for our prestigious clients from various fields, including technology, banking and finance, consumer goods, the public sector, and education. Thanks to our communities of practice, we provide you with the support you need to become the best in your field. Itecor is unique and prides itself on its strong reputation.
If it is important to you to work in a place with strong values of respect, quality, and service and a human-centric approach and social responsibility, we would love to hear from you and look forward to our future growth together.

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challenge yourself

Our advice to all new joiners: be curious, ask questions, learn from mistakes, challenge yourself and others, become the best version of yourself.
Our consulting company can only exist with its human capital. Our people are the cornerstone of our success.
Good resources are essential to achieve this goal. With the support of our annual development programme, you will grow in an exciting and supportive professional environment.

your career

This is your career; it is up to you to make it a success. We will support you every step along the way. At Itecor, you can opt to become an expert in one or many fields. We are there to support you in achieving your objectives. Our responsability is to give you the means, tools, and opportunities to reach your full potential.

Each Itecor employee benefits from our accumulated knowledge developed over the last 25 years. Our comprehensive training programme and on-the-job learning stimulate innovation, ambition, and enable continuous development. Our learning and sharing efforts peak at the IQ Day – our ultimate annual gathering that brings together our consultants from our international markets to meet, share and learn. IQ Day takes place in a conference center in Switzerland and includes external speakers, Itecor presenters, and animations. The day is usually completed with a barbecue looking onto Lake Geneva.

your work environment

What makes Itecor different? Our defining characteristics are: We are demanding – we recruit great people and expect great things. We are honest and transparent. At a corporate level we feel a strong social responsibility. Finally, we work with both our clients and our people on the long term.

Our multicultural environment promotes a healthy work-life balance, corporate ethics and business culture and ensures inclusive opportunities regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or ability. We do our utmost to “walk the talk”. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and experiences, and perspectives are essential for innovation and make us even stronger as a company.

your social life

Working is good, and living is better! We know that when you’re happy and healthy, you do your best work. With that in mind, Itecor organises various extracurricular activities, including sport, well-being, art and culture. We love our big theme parties, fun winter events, sports competition and dinner parties. And you can always participate in the fun-making by creating an event of your choice with the support of our internal organisation.

Join us; let’s work hard and play hard together!

why ethics boost performance

retrouvez itecor au congrès du management de projet 2024

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