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Why being yourself is the best tip you will get from me

Itecor · juillet 17, 2020

All of you have already heard about the 4, or 5, or rather 7 points to respect during an interview. How to make sure you put all the chances on your side to get that dream job. You have to do this, that, be like this, be like that and too bad if it doesn’t suit you. Recruiters are going to like you if you follow these tips.

But what does it all add up to in the end? You have personality, qualities, probably flaws. You want to please and be accepted. But one thing you shouldn’t leave out at this stage is the pleasure you’re going to get from doing this job in the long run.

Why a long-term view is crucial

This reflection is often put aside. It does not seem important and yet it is perhaps the most essential point. You must be able to imagine yourself in this position, or at least in this company, many years in the future. You must fit the company and the company’s philosophy must fit you.

Often all these advices are just to get ready for a serie of job interviews. They are only there to put you in the mould of a perfect candidate, in the present moment.

Perfection is not what an employer is looking for

While being comfortable during interviews is important in the short term, disguising one’s personality can have negative consequences for you and your future employer. If you are not yourself then the employer will get the wrong impression of the person in front of him. If they hire you, it will not necessarily be for the right reasons. On the other hand, if you are playing a game, you know that you will not be able to keep it going in the long run. Deep down inside, it is already obvious that your commitment will not fully reflect who you are.

Every flaw is an unknown quality

A company is not a perfect entity. Sorry to break it to you like taht, but neither are you. And be proud of it, claiming your imperfection, your mistakes and your flaws. They are who you are and contribute to your personality. It is by being who you really are that you will be able to make a real contribution to your employer who, in return, will really appreciate you.

Two pieces of the same puzzle

The recruiter has to determine if you’re what they’re looking for, not if you’re perfect. If you are yourself and he thinks you are the right person, it will be good for the company, for you in the long term and will allow you to develop in an organisation that suits you. If you play a role and you are hired, it will be a source of tension in the long run and will not be beneficial for you or the company.

Being yourself will allow you to get your dream job

Everyone is looking for their ideal job. It is by being yourself that you will have the best chance of getting it. It may take a little longer to find it, but in the end, it will allow you to blossom for many years to come.

While respecting certain rules should not be ignored, it should not be at the expense of who you are. Be yourself and look for a job that suits you. By acting that way, if the attempt is unsuccessful, it is because you were not two pieces of the same puzzle. It will not be your fault or the company’s fault. In fact, there is no fault, you were not made for each other.

Keep this line and you’ll get your dream job.

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