Staying focused at work: Five dimensions of time management
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Staying focused at work: Five dimensions of time management

· April 30, 2021

Once the environment is right and the mind is ready for work, time management must also be considered. The brain does not function optimally on a continuous basis. It needs recovery times. In addition, to stay motivated, it makes more sense to set time goals.

The 5 essential dimensions of time management are :

Setting a time limit per task

In order to stay focused and motivated by a task, it is particularly useful to set a specific time for the completion of that task. In this way, you will be inclined to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. In addition to this, you have a goal in mind, which will help you.

Have specific goals for the day

Ideally, you should take some time at the end of your previous workday to set clear goals for the next day. That way, your brain can prepare, and you can organize the day’s schedule.

By doing so, you will be able to get to know yourself better and better and, as the days go by, succeed in planning the most adequate number of tasks in order to succeed in accomplishing them, without overloading yourself or, conversely, without having too much free time, which could affect your motivation.

Take real breaks

Concentration at work is essential. But when you take a break, take a real break. Really change your mind, do something else, move, walk, even indoors. Read three pages of an unrelated book. Even if it is a five-minute break, your brain should be able to breathe.

Several time management techniques are often suggested. One of them, the Pomodoro technique, suggests working for 25 minutes and taking a five-minute break. Another technique proposes to work 40 minutes, to devote 15 minutes to your e-mails and to take a 5-minute break for every hour you work. It is up to you to see what suits you best. The next point follows exactly from this.

Respect your chronobiology

No one is equal when it comes to concentration potential and when you are most effective. Some people stay focused more easily in the morning. Some people need a longer break in the early afternoon and others are highly effective at the end of the day.

Observe yourself and adapt your work to your chronobiology. Set goals that require concentration at the best hours and administrative tasks, or telephone calls for example, at the worst. Get to know yourself. This will make your work easier and more efficient.

Enjoy the early morning hours… without email

Generally speaking, it is wise to try to work on the objectives set the previous day in the first part of the morning and not to look at one’s e-mails immediately. Looking at your e-mails puts you back in the immediate, present moment and may take you out of your planning.

Actually, it is not only email but being distracted as a whole. It means to put down your phone, avoid notifications, pop up windows or alerts. Stay focus on the job to do.

Work without distraction for the first hour and then, as soon as your concentration drops, look at your e-mails. I am well aware that this is difficult to do, but once you get used to it, you will find it very relaxing to leave your emails for later.

5 dimensions of time management - itecor


Good management of mind, environment and time can transform the way you work. To become more efficient almost immediately. But for me, what is more important is that you will feel better. You are going to feel more in control of yourself and your work. You are going to largely avoid feeling lost or confused about your tasks ahead. The peace of mind these tips will give you will allow your brain to rest and be more relaxed.

You will be more available to others and to yourself. You will enjoy your day better, even when work is important and requires a lot of concentration.

You will improve your quality of life, which is the most important thing in the end, isn’t it?


What is your experience with concentration? Please share it with me…

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