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recognising the value of your employees means growing

Cécile Vermeil · junio 14, 2022

When we talk about value, we think of many things… salary, expertise, profit, human qualities, etc. We think about what we receive and what we expect, not always what we give. As a manager or head of a company, how do you show your employees that you value them?

recognition, why?

A powerful leadership tool, recognition is one of the main ways to motivate teams. It is part of an optimistic, positive and constructive approach towards a good working relationship.

Without recognition, productivity drops, figures fall, stress and absenteeism increase, and with them so does malaise at work. It’s insidious. When it could be so simple. On the other hand, recognising an employee’s true worth, for the work accomplished and for the efforts made, is a fabulous stimulant. It’s a driver of productivity and loyalty, and this is before any mention of salary.

what about pay?

When we talk about salary, we think of “position” but also “individuals”, “fairness” and “consistency», we find a balance between a strict and loose framework. Are you a champion of social justice in your company? Do you sometimes negotiate an extra few pounds on a newcomer’s salary? Have you taken the time to evaluate the cost of an unfilled post? What is your level of transparency? What is your team’s cohesion based on? And how do you rank in your market? In short, remuneration is both essential and risky, and it’s difficult to set a good example. What if we looked elsewhere?

give value, but what value?

Naturally, the main value is the one we put into the cost-benefit ratio. This is a question of performance but also of perception. That is why we give our employees a position, conditions and support to match this ratio, otherwise they will be tempted to go elsewhere. Where they would find more or less the same. An adequate salary, pleasant working environment, stimulating colleagues, organisational agility, exciting challenges and even future prospects. All of that is important, but not necessarily unique or life-changing.

Recognition would give work more meaning and be more satisfying than a bonus or a gift. So, let’s get on with it!

why bother?

In vertical management as well as among peers, recognising an employee’s successes gives value to the work done. Sharing these successes encourages transversal recognition, making them shine among their colleagues or outside the company, in their social and professional circles. But at the end of the day, it’s the working relationship that will help to engage them: be present, genuinely care about each person and make time for them, dare to ask questions, dare to be questioned and listen to the answers. Taking the time to get to know each team member has the benefit of creating both personal and professional links: you discover their hobbies, projects, favourite areas, desires, affinities, but also their expectations of the organisation or yourself. We create the conditions for feedback-friendly exchanges. We create trust. We are collectively proud of the path we have taken.

a story of value(s)

In human matters, if the factual conditions are important, it’s our feelings that dictate what happens. An authentic relationship bears the fruits of trust. A transparent organisation calls for integrity. Sincere efforts will support expectations. Humility will soothe egos. These values are embodied in the entire organisation: defined in advance, structured, integrated and tested, they will be put into practice and shared more widely. To make a job more than just a job, make it a real human adventure where growth is encouraged.


At Itecor, we are happy to count people of great value among our employees, by the expertise they bring to us but also by their humanity. With a longevity rarely observed in the consulting sector, they often do us the honour of accompanying us over several years – even decades! In this way we are able to build a long-term relationship. With them and with our clients. And for that we are grateful.


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