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making your PMO and portfolio management more useful and efficient than ever before

Por Habib Lopez, Head of Barcelona office & Alain Geerts, Head of Governance & Service Management · September 11, 2023

In an increasingly complex and digital world, businesses face unprecedented challenges that require agile and efficient project management. The role of the PMO and project portfolio management is more crucial than ever to navigate this environment and lead organisations to success. But in a context also marked by increasing project complexity and rapidly evolving technologies, what are the keys to making PMO and project portfolio management not only useful, but also extremely efficient?

Here are five key factors to transform your PMO and portfolio management into a key driver of success for your organisation:

strategic alignment

  • Portfolio management must be integrated into the organisation’s strategy. This strategic alignment ensures that the projects supported by the PMO are related to the long-term objectives of the company. To achieve this, the PMO must understand the company’s objectives, define a clear roadmap for project portfolio management and ensure that each project contributes to those objectives.

technology adoption

In the digital age, the effective use of technology is crucial to a PMO’s success. From digital project portfolio management tools to collaboration platforms and data analytics software, adopting the right technologies improves productivity, facilitates communication, and enables more robust data-driven decision-making.

methodological flexibility

the PMO must be able to adopt and adapt to various project management methodologies. Whether it is traditional approaches such as Waterfall or agile methods such as Scrum, the ability to choose the right methodology for each project is a key factor for success.

adequacy of PPM tools

The success of PMO and portfolio management also depends on project managers’ thoroughness and adherence to best practices. It is essential to invest in continuous training to develop their skills in project management, leadership and the use of portfolio and project management tools.

performance measurement

Finally, a PMO must establish clear and relevant performance indicators to assess its effectiveness and that of portfolio management. The performance measures, or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), must be related to the organisation’s strategic objectives and allow for an objective assessment of the project portfolio management.

These five key success factors, when effectively managed and combined, enable a PMO and project portfolio management to meet the requirements of today’s context and bring real added value to the organisation.

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