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delivering excellence: a quick chat with laurent gachon, testing consultant and manager at itecor

itecor · September 06, 2023

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with one of our esteemed Itecorians, Laurent Gachon.

With over a decade of experience at Itecor as a testing consultant, Laurent has cultivated a deep understanding of testing methodologies and has consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients. Today, serving as a Senior Manager at the company, he leads his teams bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Join us for a glimpse into Laurent’s journey at Itecor.

can you tell us about your career at itecor?

When I joined Itecor, I saw an opportunity to grow and develop. I was ambitious and eager to learn, and I was told that this was possible at Itecor, where I started in 2012. Since then, I’ve grown from senior consultant to manager and senior manager. This progression was something I had envisioned, and I am grateful that Itecor provided me with the opportunities to achieve it. It is this continuous growth and the ability to seize opportunities that have contributed to my long tenure at Itecor.


what do you enjoy most about your job?

What truly thrills me is the work I have done for clients that has allowed me to evolve professionally. I have bridged the gap by taking on increasing responsibilities at client sites. I have been entrusted with the delivery of projects and the management of teams, both locally and remotely. 

 Itecor values taking care of its team members, whether it is as a consultant delivering results or as a leader overseeing a team’s delivery at the client’s site.

I also enjoy my involvement in the organisation. Sharing our experiences at our annual IQ Day event is a real pleasure that allows us to live our corporate values.

what do you like most about consulting?

As a consultant, I find the diversity of client engagements and internal projects at Itecor to be truly captivating. Whether it is recruitment, delivery, or training, being involved in various aspects of our work is what fuels my passion.

We daily strive for excellence. Our consultants are highly skilled and excel in their work. I was drawn to Itecor because I wanted to work with talented individuals like those who recruited me and encouraged me to join them. It is motivating to be surrounded by experts in their respective fields.

how do you view your role as a manager?

Itecor fosters an environment where people are encouraged to learn and grow. I take pride in seeing individuals in my teams acquire new skills and develop professionally. It is fulfilling to witness the blossoming of consultants at Itecor, especially those who have a genuine desire to learn.

My longevity at Itecor and my experience have allowed me to serve others by helping them grow. I enjoy sharing knowledge, and if I possess expertise in a certain area, I am more than happy to share it with others. 

how do you think itecor is different from other consultancies?

When I first joined Itecor, I was impressed by the brilliance of the consultants and their deep knowledge of their work. I was inspired to work with such individuals, and it continues to be a motivating factor for me. The trust we receive from our clients, knowing that they are in the hands of experts who can work autonomously, further enhances our sense of security and satisfaction.

Itecor provides a secure and supportive work environment. The company invests in training and offers various activities such as soft skills training and technical brown bags to further enhance our skills and professional development. I am very proud to be a part of Itecor and to contribute to its success.

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