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Andres Genther, Head of Itecor Zurich & Ismail Celik, Senior Consultant at Itecor Zurich · April 08, 2024

In 2022, we were honoured to be named the privileged testing partner for the Swiss Federal Office, a partnership set to last for at least four years. This role as trusted advisor presents an excellent opportunity to support a client over an extended period, allowing us to closely monitor the evolution of their testing maturity. It offered us an invaluable chance to share our expertise across a broad spectrum of projects and with many stakeholders. Most importantly, it enabled us to establish a comprehensive competency centre that spanned multiple disciplines. Join us as we explore the key success factors of this engagement and examine its implications and real-world outcomes.

1. operating mode

Clear alignment of the governance and operating mode fosters a collaborative partnership, allowing stakeholders to work together towards shared objectives. This in turn strengthens the cooperation, and ensures the agreement is executed successfully.

3. strategic agile release planning

To avoid staffing bottlenecks, we had an active role in the planning process. This was critical in a complex agile environment where there were multiple releases across the applications and diverse development partners. Strategic collaboration and foresight in planning were critical to success

2. common approach

To optimize resource allocation and approval, we employed meticulous planning as well as streamlining the administrative processes. This common approach not only guaranteed a timely start of engagement but also ensured the delivery that met quality expectations. As the testing partner overseeing 14 distinct applications, we offered three flexible test resources that could be deployed as needed to match fluctuating work demands. As a planning basis we assumed one to two releases per application per year.

4. resource efficiency

To maximize resource efficiency, engaging collaboratively with the customer to actively manage workloads is crucial. Utilizing quality assurance measures served as an effective strategy to ensuring continuous productivity and minimize downtime.

5. keep an architectural view

Given the challenging development timelines and diversity of applications, understanding all the technologies used could be challenging. An architectural schema showing the interrelationships and interfaces is essential to the testing team

6. continuous commitment

To ensure they were ready for testing, the QA team invested time up front in understanding the technology and status of the applications under development. This ensured they were ready to undertake the next testing assignment promptly and execute their tasks to a high standard right from the outset.

7. common tool policies

We promoted the use of a common set of tools for application management across all the different stakeholders. This enabled better integration, and user adoption. We ensured that the new solutions enhanced existing workflows without disruption, fitting within the established ecosystem. This approach guaranteed a smoother transition and maximized the value of technological deployments.

9. close to you

As consultants, our role is to stand by our clients, collaborating closely, hand-in-hand. Our involvement spans from quality assurance to offering technical support and advice, all aimed at delivering excellence and maximizing impact

8. trustworthy communication

Maintaining ongoing communication with application managers is essential for fostering transparency and trust. It is a positive indicator of a healthy partnership when application stewards proactively engage with the testing partner for advice.

10. continuous improvement

As trusted advisors, we continuously scrutinize existing processes, practices, and tools, always proposing enhancements. Continuous improvement is woven into our DNA, guiding every interaction and decision. Every contract marks a collaborative journey; thus, it is crucial for us to bring our customers along as we navigate the evolving landscape of time and technology, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation.

As a dedicated testing partner, our goal is to provide thorough and comprehensive services, aspiring to elevate our role to that of a managed service provider in the testing domain. Our ambition is to enhance test management, mitigating the risks associated with potential oversights in application errors. Our approach to quality assurance facilitates the integration of testing within the application development lifecycle. This involves working closely with our customer, continuous communication, and empathy. Addressing change requests may require multiple discussions and adjustments to align with organizational shifts. Moreover, it calls for courage to venture beyond conventional communication paths, embracing innovation for the best outcome.

In conclusion, we take pride in our ability to provide comprehensive value to our highly engaged and cooperative clients, fostering long-term, quality relationships.

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