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freedom to work better together?

Itecor International · November 25, 2021

Working with you is always a pleasure. No clashes. No last-minute panic. No power struggles, no backstabbing, no night sweats before a teambuilding session. On the other hand, you know so many others… who are suffering from what you might call “organisational stress”! Would you like to help them? Here are a few tips you can give them. Because, of course, it’s usually others who are the main problem 😉


Looking under the bonnet, our powerful but hidden beliefs

You may already be familiar with what we call “limiting beliefs”. These are those negative ideas or false, deep-seated convictions that prevent us from achieving or progressing. From trusting ourselves. From trusting others too. Which pollute our daily lives.

Yes, you are – indeed we all are – under their influence, conditioned by our upbringing, our environment, our socio-cultural context, and our received wisdom.


We are sensitive and fallible human beings

The risk is that the more these limiting beliefs are present, the more we believe them, the more our perception of reality is altered. We talk about filters, expectations, disappointment, fear, misunderstanding, frustration, sometimes even conflict. “Why doesn’t my colleague do this when I would like him/her to do it?” Or, “I’m going to look like an idiot during my presentation”. Another example: “I’d like to be promoted but I’ll have to fight for it.”

Your doubts make you attractive. These stories we tell ourselves are both a burden and show a certain depth of thought. But in reality, these beliefs are harmful to your psychological balance and personal success.


Take action in the areas that you can control

Without realising it, everyone instinctively puts up too many barriers. Out of concern for others. Out of fear of displeasing others. Out of a desire to control their image. Or for tactical reasons. But if we overthink it, we can slip up and even lose our enjoyment.  Both in the task and in the relationship.

Just as your colleague doesn’t get up in the morning thinking that he or she is going to pick on you today, not everything that annoys you comes from within the organisation itself. Regardless of whether the hierarchy is a matrix, vertical or transversal, it does not have to complicate your daily life. Quite the opposite. It has resources that you have probably not yet identified. And if your own behaviour can generate involuntary or unpleasant reactions, this is where you can take action! Smoothe out rough edges, clarify grey areas, voice frustrations, take risks. The boomerang effect can also be very positive.


Open up the range of possibilities

Whether it’s the way you approach others, solve problems, listen to and receive feedback without taking it overly personally, or rethink your relationship with the organisation, your positioning and your state of mind will be much stronger for it. Be curious, open and constructive. Be aware of the patterns that limit or restrict you, of those you can act on and those against which you can do nothing . This will save you blood, sweat and tears. Or, more prosaically, energy.

At Itecor, encouraging our employees to ask questions for themselves is at the very heart of our human approach.  So learn to respect yourself, to trust yourself. Identify and then break down your limiting beliefs. These are the very personal – but universal – tips that we invite you to reflect upon in order to move forward.


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