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why ethics boost performance

itecor · April 08, 2024

Incorporating our values in our business approach is something we have always strived for. In the early days, this socially responsible approach wasn’t formalised but was already guiding our steps.
For us, ethics is, first and foremost, a question of relationships. Respect for people, especially our customers, is crucial.
Nurturing these relationships is the only way we’ll be able to stay the course over time.

Like most organisations, our profitability is based on the sound management of our business, the commitment and productivity of our employees and constant market demand. But beyond that, it is our ethical approach that defines the way we interact with our stakeholders. There are, of course, other issues – privacy and data protection, anti-corruption, respect for human and labour rights, fair business practices, and environmental responsibility – all exacerbated by globalisation and rapid technological change.

As a company, we must act transparently and responsibly to maintain the trust of our customers and stakeholders.

integrity, transparency and mutual respect: the keys to collective success

Professional ethics are like a ship’s compass. It guides our actions, but also the culture of our company. Beyond the law, it reminds us that certain actions, although legal, may be ethically questionable.

Imagine working together as a harmonious crew, each rower propelling the boat forward. This synergy is based on respect for shared rules and values. Ethics guide us through the turbulent waters of the business world.

From overselling services to underestimating the risks involved in presenting projects, every approach deserves in-depth ethical reflection. Jon Michail, founder of Image Group International, bears witness to the erosion of public trust in business in an article entitled “What the Theranos Story Teaches Us About the Dark Side of Personal Branding”.

In it, he explores how false narratives created by companies have contributed to a fall in trust among consumers, shareholders and the general public. He highlights the damaging consequences of these misleading narratives on the perception of companies and stresses the importance of integrity and transparency in communicating information to stakeholders. It reminds us that trust is a precious asset for any organisation and that truth and ethics are essential to maintaining it.

From financial scandals to high-profile bankruptcies and questionable behaviour… all amplified by social media and globalisation, actual practices or values, social responsibility, and ESG frameworks play an essential role in rebuilding trust. It’s a step towards ethical and responsible governance.

the secret fuel of creativity and innovation

Imagine a place where ideas are born without limits and conventions are boldly challenged. Far from being limited to a set of rules and behavioural norms, ethics is a powerful driver of creativity and innovation.

It invites us to shake up the status quo and ask ourselves: “Why do we do things the way we do? It encourages us to challenge traditional methods and explore new avenues. Because that’s where its real power lies: in the symbiosis of ethics and innovation. After all, great ideas are rarely born in the comfort zone. Armed with the fertile ground of critical thinking, we deconstruct problems, take calculated risks and come up with novel solutions to move the business forward.

Reconsidering our approaches, devising business strategies that are aligned with our core values while turning our gaze resolutely towards the future​.

By reinventing our business models and adopting transparent and inclusive practices, we are creating an ecosystem where curiosity and experimentation are valued. Employees feel encouraged to come up with ideas and to be creative and courageous.

Here’s how we believe our commitment to ethics has helped improve our company’s performance. Since the creation of Itecor, we have always sought to infuse deep values into our approach to business. These values are not just words in a manual but principles that guide our day-to-day decisions and actions.

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