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Cécile Vermeil, Head of Human Resources & Olivier Hayard, Head of Knowledge Management · February 05, 2024

As a customer, your ambitions and challenges must be heard, understood, and addressed. What skills are you looking for? First and foremost, empathy; next, experience; and finally, knowledge. Discover how our consultants can provide you with real added value, becoming true “trusted advisors.”

The excellence of your relationship with our consultants is built on trust. This means that your problem is managed while you remain in control. Each of our consultants embodies three essential qualities that are at the core of our human and professional approach:

• Knowing how to ask relevant questions,

• Taking charge of a problem without ever substituting themselves for you,

• Proposing the best possible solution scenarios.


Thus, as true “trusted advisors,” our consultants can provide you with real added value through their listening skills, creativity, authenticity, courage, and respect. These values, dear to Itecor, set us apart as a boutique consultancy.

positive change

You can rely on our consultants when you face complex problems that require an external perspective or specific expertise. They act as catalysts for positive change within your organization. They accompany you as trusted partners, taking the time to understand your environment, your challenges, and your specific needs.

knowledge, soft skills, expertise, and innovation in action

The word “consultant” originates from the Latin “consultare,” meaning “to deliberate.” Thus, listening and dialogue have their rightful place in the posture of Itecor’s consultants. 

They act with openness and humility, drawing on our corporate knowledge to enhance their expertise. 

Trained to provide advice and services, they can tackle complex issues, examining every aspect of the situation—constraints, limits, and opportunities. 

They identify a range of relevant and proven solutions, always ready to propose compromises when necessary. 

They grasp the big picture and offer new perspectives, all the while respecting your role as the client. In this way, they contribute to the development of strategic plans, the identification of innovative solutions, and the implementation of necessary changes.

Through a trusting and long-term collaboration with our consultants, you can make informed decisions to achieve your goals in the most efficient and context-appropriate manner. It is with this philosophy that Itecor recruits, trains, and supports its consultants in each of their missions.

ambassadors of excellence

At Itecor, we place humans and knowledge at the heart of our approach. Our consultants are the ambassadors of our rich ecosystem dedicated to enhancing our knowledge and expertise. Their expertise is enriched through an internal community of experts who actively contribute to the success of each project. Each consultant benefits from our ambitious knowledge management, continuous training policy, active technological monitoring, and ongoing collaborations with our partners. 

Specialized expert communities in each competency area support our consultants in understanding the problem, expressing needs, developing solutions, and completing their missions. The support and assistance we provide to our consultants are a vital source of motivation for our teams and a guarantee of exceptional quality for you.

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