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luca from our zurich office: from sicilian roots to swiss innovation

Itecor · February 25, 2024

Luca Ventura

Luca Ventura is a manager at Itecor Zurich. He specialises in cloud automation—a field where he has carved out a significant niche. With a rich career that traces back to the tech boom of the late ’90s, Luca’s extensive experience has made him a pivotal figure in steering Itecor’s clients through the complexities of digital transformation. His practical approach to problem-solving and his ability to simplify intricate technology processes have helped Itecor Zurich distinguish within the IT consulting landscape in the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

In this interview, we explore Luca’s journey into cloud computing, his insights into the industry, and the values that guide his management style.

luca, could you tell us about your professional background?

My professional path began in 1999, working with HP as an external consultant, a role that laid the groundwork for my understanding of the tech industry. Over the years, I’ve witnessed and contributed to the evolution of technology, from database automation to the burgeoning field of cloud computing. 

My journey through various roles, including leading solution architect positions and involvement in strategic acquisitions, has shaped my expertise in cloud automation. These experiences have been pivotal, leading me to my current role at Itecor, where I apply this knowledge to manage and deliver complex cloud solutions that meet our clients’ often challenging needs and expectations.

how did you join itecor?

My journey to Itecor began with a referral from a former colleague, which led to my interview. I’ll admit, I had some hesitations based on what I’d heard about Swiss companies and a lot of stereotypes about consulting companies using people and dumping them at the end of a mission. 

I was a little reluctant to change my whole personal situation for something that would not be worth the sacrifice of leaving my family back home. However, the moment I stepped into Itecor’s Zurich office, the atmosphere was so inviting and positive that any reservations I had vanished. It just felt right, and joining them became an obvious choice.

what distinguishes Itecor from other consulting companies?

I’ve always held the belief that at Itecor, our distinct edge lies in the way we engage with our clients’ challenges. It’s a collaborative journey where I, as a manager, and my team take the time to truly listen and understand the nuances of each problem. We don’t just offer off-the-shelf solutions; we engage in an ongoing dialogue, adapting and fine-tuning our strategies to meet our clients’ evolving needs. We focus on the long-term, building a legacy of quality and trust.

As their trusted advisor, it’s my responsibility to ensure that the solutions we craft not only address their immediate concerns but also align with their long-term vision. This partnership approach, where we walk alongside our clients, constantly communicating and adjusting, is what enables us to deliver tailored outcomes that genuinely make a difference.

in your experience, how does itecor make a difference?

There has been a noticeable shift in our client relationships over time. Initially, we might have been viewed as an extension of our contracting partner, but that’s changed. Now, we’re seen as an integral part of our clients’ successes, bringing added value to their operations with our tailored solutions.

It’s not just about business; it’s about the personal connections we forge. While always maintaining professionalism, we also share moments with our clients outside of the office – whether it’s a coffee break or a team dinner – that help to strengthen our bonds. This friendly, approachable manner is central to how we work.

what strategies do you employ to ensure client satisfaction?

My approach to client satisfaction extends beyond immediate financial gains. It’s about making informed decisions that may not have immediate payoffs but serve to build long-term trust. For instance, sharing the workload with a colleague to meet a client’s needs without additional costs demonstrates our commitment to their success and fosters a deeper, more trusting relationship.

Also, in my team at Itecor, we operate synchronised, with me leaning heavily towards fostering continuous improvement and project architecture, while my teammates may focus on proactive and operational aspects. This ensures seamless and full-spectrum support to our clients. And I like the collaborative side of it.

what’s your personal experience working at itecor?

For me, it represents an ideal blend of professional collaboration and familial warmth. The company is remarkably human-oriented; our steering committee is closely involved, fostering a ‘family-like’ atmosphere. This closeness extends to every interaction, making even challenging projects feel like team efforts.

Itecor also prioritises our personal growth, investing in continuous learning and training with enthusiasm. It’s this commitment to development that not only advances our skills but also solidifies the sense of unity and support. I feel I can be myself, and that I cherish.

how do you uphold your values in your work?

Transparency is a tenet I hold dearly in my professional life. I’m committed to being truthful and open with clients and colleagues alike. If I see potential issues on the horizon, I’ll communicate them clearly — optimism has no place in masking realities. Moreover, it’s about having the courage to stand by our clients’ sides through thick and thin.

 We’re partners in every sense, and I ensure they feel supported at every turn. To me, integrity means honesty and the bravery to face challenges head-on, ensuring our clients are never left to tackle problems alone.

how do you spend your time outside of work?

During the week, I spend time with friends, stay active by going to the gym, and make sure I’m part of the local scene. Although I’m deeply connected to my Italian roots, I embrace the Swiss culture and lifestyle as much as I can, even if it means grappling with the challenges of learning Swiss German.

But family is everything to me. I come from a tight-knit family in Sicily.  No matter how hectic work gets, I ensure that my weekends and holidays are dedicated to my wife and our three children. When there’s an opportunity for a longer stay, I relish the 20-hour motorcycle ride through the heart of Italy to get there. These journeys are about more than distance; they’re about returning to what’s truly important to me. This is what recharges me. Whether it’s kickboxing with my son or simply enjoying a quiet meal together, those moments are precious to me. It’s a balance I’ve found – between my dedication to my work and the time I commit to my family. That’s what I look forward to after a week of work – it gives perspective to everything I do.

Luca Ventura - Itecor

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