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Making a difference, the purpose of the new generation

Itecor · December 02, 2020

We have all read and heard about the old versus the new generation. About the baby boomers not being so baby anymore versus the Generation Z being the latest comers in the working environment.

In today’s world, everything is changing at the fastest pace ever. A planned career is not exactly what you can look for anymore.

Flexibility and long-terme

What does it mean?

It means that in today’s world, flexibility is a given. It was not something that was a choice people could decide to make. Flexibility has become mandatory. The future is not as predictable as it was a few decades ago. Everything seems to be less predictable and, at the same time, opportunities are rising everywhere.

The new generation is more pragmatic. It is more solution-oriented than education oriented. A generation seeking to make an impact instead of thinking about having diplomas. Education needs to serve a purpose. It is not the other way around anymore.

And this is good

At Itecor, we see that as an asset. We have been developing knowledge management for the last two decades. We think that people need to pursue their education pragmatically. They need to be educated along the road, depending on the goals they wish to achieve.

Furthermore, we think that by combining the knowledge and educational background of different people, we can achieve more, better serve our clients, and fit the current needs.

Flexibility and long term

We believe that the only way to achieve these goals is to bet on long-term success. Even though the future is uncertain; it will exist.

We have chosen the path of fidelity and flexibility. We bet heavily on our people. We support them on their development path. We support them grow as human being as a whole. We take the chance to bet on the fact that they will stay with us on a long-term basis.

We support them in difficult times, knowing that better days are always ahead. Even though we do not succeed every time, we strongly feel that is our path forward.

Making a difference our way

Itecor is a place where we want to make a difference. We are aiming at bringing the best people together and help them grow. We are aiming at creating an environment full of purpose and dedication. We are looking to creating a place where everyone can bring something to the table, some sooner, others later.

Generation Z is looking to change the world. We are looking to help you do this, today and tomorrow.

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