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Stéphan Grouitch


Blaise Guignard

Head of Business Development

Cécile Vermeil

Head of Human Resources & Communications

Olivier Hayard

Head of Knowledge Management

André Conus

Head of Finance

Alain Geerts

Head of Governance & Service Management

Yuval Keren

Head of Digital Solutions & Skopje Office

Helen Bally

Head of Quality Assurance & Testing

Paul Barnabé

Head of Swiss Romande Region

Lori Petrucci

Head of Operations Swiss Romande Region

Paul van den Berg

Head of Operations Swiss-German Region, Head of Swiss-German Region ad interim

Didier Nizard

Head of Paris Office

Habib Lopez

Head of Barcelona Office

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May 03, 2022

Itecor au Congrès du Management de Projet de la SMP

governance & service management

March 31, 2022

Excellence in Problem Management: In Search of the Lost Root Cause

expert contentgovernance & service management

February 18, 2022

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