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ServiceNow, a market standard

Helping our customers select, deploy, and operate cutting-edge technology solutions has always been one of our primary missions. As early as 2009, we helped customers deploy and customise ServiceNow.

We quickly identified ServiceNow as a highly promising platform in which to invest, particularly for IT Service Management and Portfolio & Project Management.

Our early expertise with ServiceNow enabled us to develop a deep understanding of its capabilities and benefits. As a consultancy, we quickly realised the transformative potential of ServiceNow for our customers to manage their IT services, streamline their IT operations, and improve the efficiency of their projects and portfolios.

Since then, ServiceNow has established itself as a true market standard.

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from strategy to run, a wide range of expertise

With our long-standing experience in implementing and optimising ServiceNow, we have helped many companies leverage this powerful platform to achieve their strategic goals.

This experience now enables us to offer a complete range of services to meet all our customers’ needs. Whether it’s strategic, technical, operational or continuous improvement, our highly skilled team is here to support you at every stage of your ServiceNow journey.

strategy and design

From the strategic level, where we support you in making fundamental choices and developing appropriate architectures and roadmaps to align your initiatives with your business objectives, to the audit and design of optimised business processes, our proactive approach guarantees successful implementation.


Our technical expertise enables us to ensure a smooth, personalised, step-by-step implementation of ServiceNow, implementing processes in line with the roadmap and developing interoperability with specialist third-party solutions.

run as a service

At the clients’ discretion, we can take on operational roles, whether in the area of PPM, ITSM or ensuring effective administration of the platform to maintain optimal operations.

investment sustainability

It’s not enough to implement for the first time – as business needs evolve, so do the technology and functionality of ServiceNow.

Continuous improvement, new functionalities and technological possibilities, rigorous quality assurance services to ensure the quality and reliability of your solution, as well as automation and artificial intelligence solutions, should all be considered in optimising your processes and improving operational efficiency.

itecor, a trusted ServiceNow premier partner

With our holistic approach and commitment to excellence, we’re your trusted partner to successfully deploy ServiceNow and unlock its full potential for your business.

In addition to the experience and corporate know-how we’ve built up over the years, our status as a ServiceNow Premier Partner assures you of working with highly qualified experts who enjoy privileged access to ServiceNow resources and support while guaranteeing a long-term commitment to your success.

IT governance is the DNA of itecor

The company’s creation is closely linked to Portfolio and Project Management, which were the focus of our first assignments. From 2000 onwards, we also developed expertise in Service Management.

Since then, we have continued to develop our know-how and support our customers in these two disciplines and their sister practices, such as Agility and Operation Management.

In practice, these disciplines often come under different organisational structures, but a unifying platform such as ServiceNow enables the integration of all their processes, commonly grouped under the acronyms ITBM, ITSM, ITOM, ITAM and DevOps.

This integration requires expertise that covers all these processes to deliver all the value expected from process interoperability.

embracing empathy: the (he)art of effective management

taking corporate social responsibility into account in project management

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