knowledge management


Your projects require direct access to the best available expertise. At Itecor, we value knowledge. It is at the heart of our ability to provide value to our clients. Our consultants provide the link between our corporate knowledge and you. They draw on the wealth of expertise that we have developed as part of our long-term investment in knowledge management.

Our consultants are encouraged to acquire new skills and develop their expertise continuously. Each consultant is a member of several communities of practice in which our experts share their knowledge. Our consultants are never alone, they benefit from our wealth of know-how. They are the most visible part of our ecosystem that is ready to deliver value to you.

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knowledge as a service

Knowledge is one of our key assets. Each consultant has access to Itecor’s expertise throughout their mission. At any time, a team of multi-specialists is ready to support them in solution development or project delivery.

a team of experts

Behind each of our missions lies a dedicated ecosystem. The consultants are supported by an Account Manager, an Engagement Manager, a People Manager. The support we provide our consultants, together with the constant oversight of our projects, motivates our team and ensures quality for our clients.

applied innovation

Through monitoring of technology trends and dialogue with our partners, we ensure our expertise is aligned with evolving market requirements. Our experts continuously develop practical applications for new technology.

As an example, SEAM by Itecor was co-developed with the LAMS research lab at EPFL. It is a method created in 2001 to align IT services with business needs.

taking corporate social responsibility into account in project management

ITOM can now realise the promises of ITSM

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