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IQ Day 2023: a day of inspiration, learning, and celebrating!

itecor · September 14, 2023

Once again, Itecor united our diverse workforce from across the world for our annual IQ Day in Switzerland. The event beautifully blended learning and networking and offered a great opportunity for strengthening the bonds that make us a company.

The IQ Day was a day filled with inspiration, knowledge sharing, and strengthening bonds with our exceptional colleagues. From insightful presentations to engaging discussions and delightful networking, the event offered a rich programme with a range of business stories, self-improvement topics, and corporate responsibility.



On this day like no other, our consultants and offices shared their knowledge and experiences, immersing us in their successful projects and contributing to our collective know-how. At Itecor, we believe that this is the key to personal and collective growth. It’s about fostering a culture of empathy, support, and collaboration, which enables us to tackle challenges with collective wisdom.


charting the path ‘beyond the IT journey’
itecor’s commitment to CSR

Susanne Sinclair, Morgaja

During our recent IQ day, Itecor announced a significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment. This highlights the importance of sustainability beyond technical solutions and consulting services.

This “beyond the IT journey” started with engaging our employees through a feedback questionnaire and an informative presentation on CSR. Workshops explored existing CSR efforts and the challenges faced by consultants at client organisations, like governance and security matters in line with CSR goals.

These discussions emphasised the need for better education, particularly in ethics and client-related interactions, and stressed the importance of integrating CSR principles into daily operations.

All participants were involved in shaping responsible and sustainable projects aligned with Itecor’s CSR objectives. “Beyond the IT journey” marks the beginning of a transformative phase, in line with our 2027 Vision, focusing on active and visible CSR practices to foster a culture of sustainability within the company.


intuition, trustable? usable? news from neurosciences

Yves François, Axesslab

We were delighted to welcome Yves François, psychologist and founder of aXesslab and learn about intuition as a valuable tool in the human decision-making process.

People usually distinguish between intuition (rapid, emotional) and reasoning (slow and controlled) as the basis of human decision-making. However, intuition is not built immediately but remains confined for a long time as non-conscious functioning. During this phase, the brain accumulates large quantities of information from the environment, emotions, and experiences and builds a form of coherence. It is when this coherence is obtained that it appears at the conscious level.

As each of these two systems – reasoning and intuition – has its strengths and limitations, optimal performance requires an adequate mix of these two processing modes.

30 years of excellence

Furthermore, this year marked our 30th anniversary, a testimonial to our growth and excellence in the consultancy industry. We’re excited for the next chapter in our journey! With 30 years of experience as a boutique IT consultancy, we are happy to empower one another, inspiring innovation and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together.

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