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why learning and gathering are important to us?

Itecor · August 28, 2023

Our IQ Day is soon to come

Each year at Itecor, we organise a big gathering called IQ Day, where all our people from different offices across Europe travel to the country of our headquarters, Switzerland. This day is an occasion for presentations, sharing experience and knowledge, opening our eyes to out-of-the-box subjects, and socialising with our colleagues. This year our IQ Day takes place on September 1st and will offer a rich programme with a range of business stories, self-improvement topics, and corporate responsibility.

sharing experience and knowledge

At the heart of our success as a human company lies the profound importance of sharing experience and knowledge. It’s about more than just professional growth; it’s about fostering a culture that embraces personal and collective development. When we open ourselves up to sharing our experiences, we create a powerful connection beyond exchanging information. It’s about empathy, support, and strengthening the bonds that unite us as a team. It builds a foundation of trust, cooperation, and collaboration, enabling us to tackle challenges head-on, armed with the collective know-how we’ve accumulated.

By encouraging every individual within the company to share their unique set of skills, perspectives, and insights to the table, we create an environment where the collective wisdom of the team thrives. We empower one another, inspiring innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together. For the best of their personal and professional growth. And for the best of our engagements.

being better consultants

In today’s world and working environments, which can be described as poorly structured, with rapid change and increasing uncertainty, organisations and individuals are looking for tools to help them cope satisfactorily in often ambiguous situations. A distinction can be made between intuition, which is quick and emotional, and reasoning, which is slow and controlled, as the basis of human decision-making. Reasoning is generally considered to be the only socially respectable way of making decisions. But what if intuition, resulting from non-conscious processes, was more reliable than we think? To find out more, we are delighted to welcome Yves François, psychologist and founder of aXesslab, an agency specialising in behavioural sciences.

Find out more (in French) Souvent discréditée, l’intuition est un outil précieux (hr-neuchatel.ch)

embarking our people on our journey towards corporate responsibility

We will launch the “Sustainability at Itecor” project during our IQ Day. Since our founding, we have been aware of our social and environmental responsibility, understanding that our longevity is intrinsically linked to our identity as a sustainable company. We are committed to understanding and minimising the impact of our business on the environment (holistic approach). This commitment is reflected in our corporate vision:

By 2027, we aim to make a difference through our ongoing contributions to social justice and positive environmental impact. We will establish a strong corporate culture based on our values of authenticity, courage, and respect.

To ensure that our activities align with our ambitions, concrete measures have already been taken, ranging from the well-being of our colleagues to the conduct of business ethics and governance and the reduction of our environmental impact. At this IQ Day, we will work on the following four priorities:

  • Social Impact
  • Environmental impact
  • Ethics
  • Procurement

celebrating the end of our 30th anniversary

This past year, Itecor celebrated 30 years of existence. 30 years during which we have grown together with our clients, colleagues, friends, and relatives. 30 years which have allowed us to become a solid company, renowned for the quality of its services and remaining true to our values.

From Switzerland to Mexico, via France, Spain, and Macedonia, the services we offer have been refined. We are pleased to have become the exclusive consultancy for information systems and the digitalisation of organisations. Today, we are more than 200 employees, all driven by the same ambition of excellence.

Today a new era is taking shape: to compete with the biggest in the market both in terms of the added value we bring to our clients and the consultant’s experience within Itecor.

We will be happy to celebrate those last 30 years with a few surprises … and wish ourselves the best for the many more to come!

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