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At Itecor, we advise organisations in achieving their vision through digital transformation. We deliver high-performing IT services in the governance & service management space, building sound digital solutions and providing top-of-the-range quality assurance & testing methodologies. We do all of this with an eye to the future, building long term partnerships with our clients who come from a range of fields, including technology, banking and finance, consumer goods, public sector and education.

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3 good reasons to choose itecor

You can rely on your trusted advisor, a boutique consultancy close to you with a dedicated, locally-based team. We fully embrace your specific circumstances in the long-term.
Achieve your vision through bespoke digital transformation. We commit to delivering excellence, thriving with agility in the most challenging of contexts.
Leverage the advantages of a well-structured organisation, tuned into advanced market intelligence and applied innovation. You are guaranteed to receive the best, tried-and-tested know-how.


With offices in five countries, we are close to our clients and truly international in our outlook. Our key people are there for you, locally based and recruited. The proximity we create with your projects allows bespoke project management and continuity with an individualised focus.
We believe that delivering superb value starts from the inside. So, as a team, we passionately help you bring your vision to life.
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